All orders are sent via regular Australia Post. Products will be packed carefully to help ensure safe arrival. All coffee is packed in 250g heat sealed bags with recloseable seals & one-way freshness valves.

Bean Blenders coffee is freshly roasted to order to help ensure quality & freshness - we do not stockpile roasted coffee with the aim of speeding up orders. Main roast day is Sunday & we will ship your order as soon as possible after it is roasted. To qualify for Sunday roast orders must be placed by 9am Sunday morning, however we will endeavour to roast & ship orders earlier that are made after the Sunday cut-off.

You will receive an email notifying you when your order has shipped.

Shipping Costs

  • 250g bags:
  • 1 bag - AUD $5.00
  • 2 to 3 bags - AUD $7.00
  • 4 bags - AUD $9.00
  • 5 to 7 bags - AUD $12.00

1kg bags - AUD $8.00 each

For purchases of 8 or more 250g bags please contact us. If any purchases of 8 or more 250g bags are made without prior contact the order will be cancelled & all money refunded. We will then contact the buyer for further arrangements.

Keeping your Coffee fresh

The 4 main enemies of roasted coffee are oxygen, moisture, light & CO2. Storing your coffee in an oxygen deprived, cool & dark environment will prevent 3 of these factors. To cover all 4 bases, we recommend using our coffee bags for storage.

After coffee is roasted, carbon dioxide is naturally released from the beans. We use resealable packaging with a one way degassing valve which vents the excess carbon dioxide from the bag whilst preventing air to enter. This helps to retain the full flavour, aroma & freshness. We then heat seal the bags which further protects the coffee.

We recommend finishing your Bean Blenders Coffee within 1 month to achieve optimum flavour, performance & freshness. Each bag is marked with its roast date, so you'll always know how fresh your coffee is!